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9 Sales Influencers to Follow in 2020

Are you looking to improve your sales strategy in 2020? If so, it helps to make sure you’re following the right kind of people — people who can provide insight into the dos and don’ts of making sales and help you ensure you’re on the right track with your business.

If you’re not sure whom to follow, keep reading. Listed below are 9 of the best sales influencers to start following this year.

Mark Roberge

Mark Roberge is a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School. He’s also the former CRO of HubSpot and author of the book The Sales Acceleration Formula. He still acts as an advisor to HubSpot and is credited for making major contributions to the tech company’s continued growth.

Roberge is a true industry leader who regularly shares free, actionable tips on his social media channels sharing ways that sales professionals can improve their numbers and help their businesses grow. His book is a must-read, but he has lots of shorter, more digestible tips available online, too.

You can follow Roberge on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Marcus Cauchi

As someone with over 30 years of experience in the sales world, Marcus Cauchi is definitely someone worth listening to. Cauchi has spent decades selling and training salespeople at Sandler Training Program. He’s known for his ability to help sales reps from various companies to level up and improve their technique.

Cauchi regularly shares articles online that are dedicated to helping salespeople see better results. He covers a variety of topics, from recruitment to improving companies’ sales pipelines.

You can follow Cauchi on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Kyle Porter

For salespeople who find themselves in need of a pep talk, they shouldn’t look any further than the social media profiles of Kye Porter.

Porter, the CEO of the top sales software SalesLoft, regularly posts motivating content that will help salespeople to get out of the heads and start putting in the work needed to level up. He shares plenty of practical tips, too, on everything from handling tough sales calls to closing more deals.

You can follow Porter on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sean Sheppard

Sean Sheppard is best known as the founder of the company Growth X. He’s a serial entrepreneur, though, and has years of experience helping a variety of early-stage companies to grow and thrive.

Sheppard’s primary focus is on predictability in sales, and he does a great job of helping salespeople use tech to drive their pipeline. He also publishes a lot of content on business growth and improving sales education.

You can follow Sheppard on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Jill Rowley

Jill Rowley is a well-known startup advisor. With over 17 years of experience in the SaaS world, she’s the person to follow if you’re part of the SaaS business yourself, or if you want to get into it in the near future.

Rowley also shares lots of information on social selling and helps salespeople to come up with creative ways to promote their products or services and grow their audience.

You can follow Jill on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Gary Vaynerchuk

It wouldn’t be a complete list of sales influencers without mention of Gary Vaynerchuk (also known as “Gary Vee”).

Vaynerchuk first got his start in the world of eCommerce wine with the site WineLibrary. Since then, he’s become a household name as a serial entrepreneur and early investor in major companies like Venmo, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Vaynerchuk posts tons of helpful content on his social media channels, and he also has a podcast that every salesperson and entrepreneur ought to be listening to.

You can follow Vaynerchuk on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Colleen Francis

Colleen Francis is the owner of Engage Selling Solutions, and she has plenty of helpful advice for those looking to improve their sales. She has spent more than two decades as a sales leader, speaker, and strategist and focuses primarily on B2B sales with the goal of helping people see consistent results while avoiding many of the common challenges that come with managing a sales team.

Francis is the author of Nonstop Sales Boom and Honesty Sells and was named LinkedIn’s Number One Sales Influencer for 2020.

You can follow Francis on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Anita Nielsen

President of LDK Advisory Services and advisory board member of the National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP), Anita Nielsen specializes in coaching and sales enablement.

Nielsen also works as a strategic consultant and helps organizations to customize their sales solutions and augment their selling practices. Her latest book, Beat the Bots, provides human sellers with all the tools they need to work with technology and automation to ensure they remain essential.

You can follow Nielsen on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Jen Spencer

Jen Spencer is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SmartBug Media. She has years of experience in both sales and marketing and is a master of inbound sales.

From demand generation to holistic business development, Spencer regularly shares information that can help sales teams of all kinds to grow and thrive. She’s also created the Bravado Mentorship Program, designed to empower the next generation of young and talented sellers.

You can follow Spencer on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Level Up Your Sales Strategy Today

As you can see, there are tons of great sales influencers who can help you to improve your business and your sales strategy.

In addition to following influencers like these, though, make sure you’re also taking practical steps to increase sales. For example, investing in an automated lead response system can help to streamline the call-back process and help you follow-up with sales leads in an efficient way.

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