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Benefits of using no-code tools

It’s the human tendency to make complicated things more manageable and accessible. Thanks to no-code tools and human nature, you don’t need to rely on coding in order to switch your sales and marketing team to a digital workflow.

No-code tools help you to focus on the core business rather than worrying about hiring developers. With absolutely zero knowledge of coding, you can use no-code tools to create applications on your own.

Here’s how some no-code tools can come in handy when you’re looking to automate sales, client data, and everything in between.

Easy Automation and Integration

No-code tools make automation a piece of cake. You can integrate thousands of applications and set-up a bridge between them for automating tasks. Unlike traditional coding, you don’t have to write extended logics to automate or connect applications.

No-code tools work like a plug and play device. You just have to follow a few set of simple instructions in order to connect and automate tasks. Automation and bridging apps wasn’t an easy task before no-code tools became available.

Imagine receiving an email from a customer on your Gmail, which automatically sends a notification on your Slack sales channel. Cool, no?

Automation cuts down all the manual heavy-lifting. Your daily manual operations are now just a matter of integrating and bridging two-three apps. One activity on an app or software can trigger another (pre-defined activity) on the other app, and so on. And all this without even writing a single line of code.

With no code tools such as Zapier, you’ll be able to achieve an organized workflow. In just a few clicks, you can set-up unique tasks, connect apps, and create a workflow of your choice.

Zapier makes automation easy. It’s handy for automating tedious, repetitive tasks. Zapier supports over 1,300 business tools and advanced automation techniques. Your business can use it to cut all the manual work related to the sales department and set up a friendly and easy automated workflow. At Callingly, we have over 1,000+ integrations with common sales tools through Zapier.

Painless Set-up for Non-Coders/Developers

Business is about increasing sales, gaining customers, and developing a brand. But for the sake of digitization, many businesses switch their primary focus towards building software and applications. And believe me, it hugely affects their performance, sales, and other processes that actually matter in the long-run.

No-code tools can help businesses achieve a more efficient technology-enabled sales process without sacrificing their time and money. Those that can’t code can easily set-up no-code tools to accomplish complex tasks like analytics, CRM systems, and more.

Business professionals can now set up software and applications via no-code tools in just a few clicks and drags or drops. Without any prior knowledge of programming, businesses can use no-code tools to achieve results that were only possible with a team of professional programmers.

Straightforward Customer Relationship Management

Another significant benefit of using no-code tools is that you can easily set-up customer relationship management (CRM) or any similar sales database tool. From task management to project planning and tracking sales, you build your own unique version for your business, all with simple drag and drops performed by members of your sales team.

Many no-code tools give you a full-fledged experience of a database where you can enter your records and track them accordingly. With a few clicks, you can also integrate your spreadsheets rather than entering data from scratch.

The CRM systems designed with no-code tools are robust. They have the potential of scaling as your business grows. From customer data to how many sales you’ve made this month, the no-code tools’ CRM system tracks everything!

A CRM system created on a no-code tool gives every business a helping hand in efficiently organizing their sales and customer department. All lead information is safe and secure in the database, and at your disposal 24/7.

Take the example of a tool, Airtable. It mashes the best aspects of spreadsheets and databases into one great software. Businesses can count on Airtable to manage their customer relationship and sales department.

The visually appealing spreadsheet makes it easy for everyone to view information and organize it. Furthermore, Airtable gives you the opportunity of linking records and storing information in the database, and using tools such as Zapier to build automated workflows with other tools.

At Callingly, we’ve even used Airtable as our base CRM to show you how you can link a lead capture tool such as Typeform with Airtable, and then connect this to Callingly for automated callbacks. Check out how we did this here.

All-in-all, no-code tools make building CRMs simple, inexpensive, and straightforward.

Less Waiting and More Doing

Is your website converting customers to leads, but your sales team is unable to close those them? Manually managing the leads can be one of the major factors behind the inefficiency of your sales team.

Switching to no-code tools will let you sales workflows without ever needing a developer to implement complex logic. Whenever your website captures a new lead, you can use a no-code based custom CRM to capture their information, and then connect it with a service such as Callingly that can automatically call and assign an agent to the lead to contact them over the phone. This means your leads will no longer have to wait for hours for a response.

Manually managing leads and the sales funnel can be daunting and pretty slow when you’re juggling multiple applications. It could cost you, high-value customers, if you forgot to cascade changes, enter their information, or simply were not notified to get in touch with them. With no-code tools, automating sales funnels is feasible, effective, and beneficial.

Callingly can do all that. It’s a lead response management tool that allows businesses to respond faster and close more leads. We can integrate with any CRM, lead platform, or website within a few seconds, given our vast array of integrations. Tools like Callingly, Zapier, and Airtable help you build a fully functional sales workflow for your business that’s highly automated and caters to your unique needs.

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