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Book your sales agent on a call with a lead automatically when the lead books a demo online

Ever hopped on a landing page and tried booking a demo?

You plug in your details, then a day later someone from the sales team reaches out, you go back and forth on finding a time that works for you both, and finally hop on a call to discuss the product.

That’s a lot of work and opportunity for a lead to slip through the cracks and not convert.

Moreover, as a sales team, this workload 10x as you grow with all your demo requests coming in. Your sales agents are spending a lot of time managing this workflow. And maybe you don’t have the budget for a fancy sales CRM tool to tackle all of this for you.

Luckily, using tools such as Zapier we can build a no-code automated flow to instantly capture demo requests, and schedule a call with a sales agent. When the time comes, your sales agent is automatically connected to the lead for the call.

We’ll do this by using four main tools:

  1. Calendly – to automatically capture and book meetings on a calendar
  2. Callingly – to schedule a call to connect the lead with a sales agent
  3. Gmail – to send confirmation email to the lead that they’ll be reached out to on the booked time slot, and send any advance information their way
  4. Zapier – to connect these tools together

If you’re not a fan of long articles, well we’ve got a video recording of this set up for you here.

Step 1: Connect Calendly to Zapier

The first step is to ensure that whenever a meeting is booked on Calendly, this triggers a Zapier workflow.

To do this, let’s first find the Calendly app on Zapier, and trigger the Zap whenever a calendar event is created using the ‘Invitee Created’ trigger event.

You’ll be prompted to link your Calendly account to Zapier like below:

When you do this, you’ll see a pop up asking for an API Key. This key can be found on your Calendly page.

To find the API Key, head to integrations in the top right corner.

Copy the integration API key available as seen below, and paste it into the Zapier pop up and hit Yes, Continue.

Once you’ve done this, you can create a dummy calendar event on Calendly to test that the trigger event works.

Once you’ve done this, on Zapier, test the trigger zap and you should see a success prompt like the one below:

Step 2: Send Calendly bookings to Callingly

Great! So now you’ve got Zapier listening in to whenever a new event is booked on your Calendly for your demos. We can now make sure any demo booking is sent over to Callingly so a call is scheduled for the future with a sales agent to reach out to that lead over the phone.

Let’s first find the Callingly app on Zapier:

We then want to select the ‘Schedule a Call’ action event so the call is scheduled for the future.

We can now pass in the specific data necessary for Callingly to schedule the call as seen below:

Once we’ve done this, if we test the event and head to our Callingly dashboard Calls view, you’ll see a call has been scheduled for the future:

Step 3: Send confirmation using Gmail

Final step. Let’s now make sure the lead gets a personal note from the Callingly team confirming the demo meeting has been booked and that we’ll be reaching out.

To do this, create another action event and add the Gmail app with the action event ‘Send Email’.

Hit Continue, we can now pass through the necessary details to craft our email as seen below:

Once you’ve done this, hit Continue and give it a Test. After that, hit Done Editing and turn on your Zap. You’re all set and good to go.

Whenever a new demo or meeting is booked, you’ll now automatically ensure someone on your team is connected with the lead at the meeting time, and also send a confirmation email right away letting them know the meeting was booked successfully.

See any improvements that could be made?

Any other automation workflows you’d like us to build?

Let us know via live-chat ????

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