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Getting your live-chat leads connected with a team member over the phone

Omni-channel customer support is the way to go these days.

Email, live-chat, and phone. The holy trinity of touch points for your leads and existing users to reach out to you.

Many small businesses use live-chat to tackle inbound communications related to their business. But not every potential lead is a fan of live-chat and would rather talk to someone on the phone. Or some may just need a finer touch such as an enterprise lead.

In this video, we’ll walk through how you can set up a no-code automated lead triage workflow that’ll allow you pass important leads to your sales team automatically. We’re going to use Zapier to integrate Intercom, FreshSales CRM, and Callingly.

If you’re not much of a reader and would rather watch a video set up, head here.

Our use case:

Well let’s say right now you qualify each live-chat lead by asking for their contact details:

Now, if a lead does provide their phone number then maybe it’s better to connect them through to a sales agent rather than throw them into your already backlogged support queue.

With Intercom and many other live-chat tools you can automatically create rules based on the details provided by a lead. In this example, we’ll automatically tag a lead ‘Escalated’ if they provide their phone number.

Then our sales automation workflow kicks off:

STEP 1: Capture Intercom leads

Using Zapier, we’re going to start by ensuring any leads tagged with ‘Escalated’ are also fed into our CRM.

To do this, head to Zapier and create a new Zap.

In the Zap, let’s start by adding Intercom as our app and the trigger event ‘Tag Added to Lead’. You’ll then be prompted to authorize your Intercom account so go ahead and do that.

Once we’ve done this. We can now define the specific tag to look for: Escalated.

Then hit Test and send an example Intercom message through that’s had a lead tagged ‘Escalated’.

This should present you with example lead details.

STEP 2: Send them to our FreshSales CRM

So now we’ve captured the lead’s information and can pass it through to our CRM.

To do this, let’s add an Action Zap for the app FreshSales with the Action Event ‘Create Lead’.

Once you do this you’ll be asked to authorize a FreshSales account and connect it to Zapier. This will prompt you with a pop up asking to input your FreshSales API Key and FreshSales URL.

To set this up, head to your FreshSales CRM account, pop into Settings, and then head to the API Settings tab to retrieve your API Key. The URL for your FreshSales CRM account will also show you the subdomain name you need to enter.

Once you’ve entered that information, hit Yes Continue. Zapier should connect successfully to your FreshSales account now.

Now hit Continue to set up the data you’d want to pass through to FreshSales.

‘Create a Lead’ allows us to input the various data points Intercom has provided into FreshSales. You can enter in the information, or more depending on what Intercom provides for your system below:

Once you’ve done that, hit Continue and give your Zap Action Event a test. You can then pop over to FreshSalse to see if the lead has correctly been created in your CRM.

STEP 3: Connecting the lead to your sales team

Now let’s make sure these leads are on the phone with your sales team as soon as possible.

Add Callingly as an app and add an action event ‘Call Lead’.

Connect through to your Callingly account and then pass through the specific lead information into Callingly as seen below:

When you test this step, you should now see a notification on Callingly alerting you to a new lead. Your lead is now automatically routed to an available agent and the agent is connected through to the lead via the phone.

And you’re done. Here’s the final end-to-end setup.

What are your thoughts on this setup? Any no-code support to sales workflow automation ideas you’ve used that you’d like to share? Let us know!

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