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No code tools to give your sales team a competitive edge

As a sales team manager or leader, you might have experienced that your SaaS pipeline is overloaded with things like bugs, changes, re-designs, you name it. Since you’re always evolving to meet users’ requirements, the process of updating and rebuilding is just endless.

Although big firms can afford to have multiple IT and tech teams that are always fixing bugs, and planting re-designs, it’s hard for a new or small sales team to keep up. And that’s where no-code tools can give your sales team a competitive edge.

Your sales team is only meant for selling and not programming. But there can be times when your sales team has to do all the heavy lifting as you can’t afford the IT support. And that’s where no-code tools give your team a handful of shortcuts in terms of developing features, updating designs, and more.

With that being said, here’s how no-code tools can give your sales team a competitive edge in the market.

No Professional Developers Required = Big Save On Cost

Professional developers are expensive. And hiring a bad developer comes with a huge cost. No-code tools give you the advantage of not hiring a single developer. As no-code tools are based on pre-built modules and drag and drop functionality, your sales team can make the most of them to keep up with all the digital transformation. From building landing pages to planting chatbots and automating your workflow, no code tools help you to build everything a developer can without overdoing your budget.

Superior Agility

Sales teams are meant to sell, right? But most of the sales team waste their time preparing for work rather than doing work. With no-code tools, your sales team will be able to save more time on coding. Any application your sales team is planning to build can be brought to life in two to three days as no-code tools are solely based on pre-built modules. Even the testing process is automated, which means that you don’t have to manually adjust to changes.

No-code tools will give your sales team super agility and flexibility as they no longer have to worry about the complicated road of creating an app. With no-code tools, they can simply launch a no-code tool solution and use it just like any other user-friendly app to actually build an app that will help their sales operations.

Specialized Support and Maintenance

No-code tools are like applications that require a subscription. And with a subscription, one gets access to its features, team support, and maintenance. As sales teams aren’t the tech and nerd type, specialized support and maintenance teams of the no-code tools are always there to help them out. Whether your sales team is stuck on how to center the logo or launch the testing process, they are just one call or message away from superior assistance.

As most of the sales teams fall into the non-technical category, with no-code tools, they don’t have to worry about being technical. All they need to do is just call or message the support center of their respective no-code tool to get supreme assistance on pretty much everything.

Productivity Boost

With no-code tools, your sales team members are no longer dependent on IT guys to make the apps. As they are all free to create, edit, and launch their own apps independently, it gives the sales sector a huge productivity boost.

Thanks to no-code tools, your sales guys now don’t have to wait months or years for an app. They can simply fire up the no-code tools, get assistance from the respective support center, and try out ideas to create a brand-new application! No more depending on the IT department for creating apps that aren’t liked by most of the sales team members.

Transitioning to no-code tools will surely give your sales team a productivity boost. Callingly can help you to transition to the world of no-code tools easily. Callingly is a Lead Response Management tool that will help your sales team to respond faster and close more. This no-code LRM tool will easily get integrated with any CRM, website, or form to assist your sales operations in closing more leads.      

Easy Changing and Editing

In traditional coding, changing design and functionalities take great time and effort. Especially, when you are a foreigner to programming and tech. And as most of the sales team members don’t have a strong understanding of coding and development, it’s impossible for them to bring any required change or edit to their applications. But with no-code tools, changing something in an application or editing a feature is potentially just a matter of a few minutes.

With no-code tools, you can implement any change or edit without investing a significant chunk of time and effort. This means that every sales member on your team will have the ability to edit or change the application without any special assistance or support.

Few to No Risks

Traditionally, IT sectors are responsible for handling all the tech-related stuff in organizations. And this means that they have access to all the sensitive and secured information. However, as no-code tools are governed by the sales teams, the IT staff will have nothing on the organization. Everything will remain intact with the members of the sales department, which will cut down the risks of breaches, outside threats, hacks, and other security risks. Even if something goes wrong, the sales department will be alerted first. And as the sales department has full control over everything, they don’t have to wait for the IT department to take the first step to safeguard what’s let loose.

No-code tools are taking the world by a storm. By using no-code tools, sales teams are now working smartly and efficiently to build their applications in no time. And as the world is moving forward towards digitization, you and your sales team can make the most of no-code tools to get a competitive edge and highlight your success without any assistance from the IT sector.     

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