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8 Ways To Best Track Your Sales Employees Progress

Tracking your sales employees’ progress is essential to make sure their work is aligned with the goals and milestones you have set. Without tracking the progress of your sales employees, it’s difficult to determine if they are meeting the expectations of their role.

In this piece, we’ll be showcasing the top ways you can use to track the progress of your sales employees. Without further ado, let’s dive in and check out some of the best ways to track your sales team’s success.

1.   Monthly Sales Growth

As they say, if your business isn’t growing, it’s dying. Tracking the monthly sales growth of your team helps you to get a detailed insight into the progress of your sales employees.

Checking the monthly sales growth will assist you in deciding if your sales employees are doing well or not.

By analyzing the monthly sales growth of your company, you get to see where your sales employees are standing and where they should be standing compared to their peers and the company standard.

Both for sales managers and sales reps, analyzing monthly sales growth will aid you to track the true progress of your salespeople easily.

2.   Checking Reps’ Call and Email Volume

Checking the volume of calls and emails made by your reps will eventually help you to see how they are doing. For instance, if one of your sales reps is only talking to 5 to 10 prospects a day, it’s time to look into the other details of their work.

Since one of the core responsibilities of a sales rep is to make the most calls and emails to maximize sales potential, checking their report on a daily basis will reveal their real progress.

Sales managers can use this way to track the progress of each and every sales rep under them without any extra effort.

3.   Opportunities Created by Sales Reps

The main progress of the sales reps of your company will only be taken into regard when they have created multiple opportunities. No company will hire sales reps that don’t convert the prospects to potential buyers and customers.

Checking the number of opportunities created by your sales reps will uncover the work they are creating for themselves. This is a great marker for someone’s motivation levels.

If a sales rep is just making calls and emails that aren’t actually bringing any customers to the company, it’s just a waste of time and resources.

Tracking sales employees’ progress via analyzing the opportunities they have created will make you see who’s going above and beyond to convert their leads.

4.   Average Conversion Time

How long does it take for your sales rep to convert a lead? This method will help you to classify the reps who take more or less time to close a deal. Thus, you’ll easily be able to track the progress of your sales reps.

If it’s taking more time for certain sales reps in your team to close a deal, then it’s clear that their progress might be slowing. However, if some sales reps have an exceptional average conversion time, then you can predict and track their potential success.

5.   Average Follow-Up Attempts

One of the core duties of sales reps is to follow up with the existing prospects. Check out the average follow-up attempts by your sales reps to see how they are progressing in this regard.

If the average follow-up attempts of your sales reps aren’t up to your expectations, then they aren’t progressing well in this particular space.Train your sales reps to increase the average follow-up attempts so that the existing prospects stay in the loop of your company.

Don’t ignore this method, as follow-up attempts are one of the most critical factors when it comes to determining the progress of a sales rep.

6.   Reflecting Back on Daily, Monthly and Yearly Goals

As a company owner, you’ve certainly established goals and milestones for your sales teams. Reflecting back on those targets on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis can help you to track the progress of your salespeople efficiently.

For instance, if you have set a specific daily goal for the managers in your sales department and they aren’t accomplishing it, you get to intervene sooner rather than later to get them back on track.

The ability to see the completion, or non-completion ratio of each level of goal, be it the daily, monthly, or yearly targets, will help you to improve the progress of your salespeople at each point along the way.

7.   Using A Lead Response Management Tool

Last and certainly not least, using a lead response management tool will come in handy to easily and efficiently track the progress of your sales employees.

A lead response management tool will have all the essential functionalities to help you track the genuine progress of your salespeople.

You won’t have to do anything manually to track your salespeople’s progress. An LRM tool features everything a company owner requires to see the progress trail of their sales department. All that’s left is to check in on the data that’s compiled for you.

Are you looking for a supreme lead response management tool to accurately monitor the progress of your salespeople? Callingly has got your back.

Callingly – A Prime Lead Response Management Tool

Callingly is a lead response management tool that assists sales teams to respond faster and close consistently.

With Callingly, every lead gets a call within seconds, and every result is tracked and synced to the CRM.

Whenever a new lead comes in, Callingly automatically captures it and calls the agents on your sales team. Once an agent is connected and done with the call, the recording and analytics are synced to your company’s CRM.

You can then check out the detailed analytics generated by Callingly to track the progress of your salespeople. For a true progress tracking experience, Callingly includes features like lead routing, call recording, follow-up call history, and advanced analytics and reporting.

Final Words

That’s a wrap. Use the ways we have listed to track the progress of your salespeople. And better yet, look to the Callingly lead response management tool to get the most out of your teams.

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